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Khour located in Jammu & Kashmir is a small Tehsil. This Tehsil is not a famous one and hence is not talked about. We have read the least about this place and hence through our article we take an initiative to let you know some of the unknown facts about Khour. Let us find out the hidden details of this place through our exclusive article.


Geography of Khour

Khour Tehsil is situated 18 km away from Jammu, the district head quarters and 192 km away from Srinagar, the State capital. Located at an elevation of 333 metres above sea level Khour Tehsil is bounded by Bishnah in the East and R.S.Pura in the West. The cities located nearby Khour are Kathua City, Jammu City and Dinanagar City. The weather in Khour is generally hot in the months of summer with temperature varying from 24 to 44 degree Celsius. The climate is cool and pleasant in the winter season. Temperature mainly varies from 11 to 20 degree Celsius.

Transport in Khour

You can reach Khour Tehsil from Jammu Railway station which is nearly 10 km away. There is no railway station located in Khour and so this is the only closest railway station that will take you to Khour. You can also visit Khour via road drive from Jammu. Car services are available from Jammu which can be hired for visiting khour. 

Tourism in Khour

As all ready mentioned, Khour is a small place and hence there are limited numbers of tourist places inside Khour. So you may have to travel few kilometres in order to visit the tourist attractions near Khour. Some of the tourist destinations near to Khour are mentioned. Jammu is the nearest tourist spot of Khour. When you visit Jammu then you must visit some of the famous tourist destinations of this place.

Places to visit in Khour

Aap Shambhu Temple Sathrian

This is one of the oldest temples located in Jammu. Located in the Roopnagar city of Jammu this temple is famous for the huge Lord Shiva idol situated at the centre of the temple. This Shiva idol is the centre of attraction of this temple. Every year devotees from all over the world visit this temple in order to seek blessings from Lord Shiva.

Bahu Fort

This fort located in the banks of Tawi River is famous because it is known as one of the oldest structures of Jammu. The presence of a waterfall, a beautiful terrace and a garden inside the fort makes it even more beautiful. This fort is nearly 3000 years old and was constructed by Raja Bahulochan. The prsesence of a Maha Kali temple inside the fort makes it a religious place too. Visitors often pay a visit to this place for the presence of this temple.

Nandwal Lake

This Lake is located in Khour. Even you visit Khour then you will see this beautiful lake. The crystal blue water of this lake makes it attractive and beautiful. The calm and quiet atmosphere of this place makes it a famous tourist spot.

Dogra Art Gallery

This art gallery is known for preserving several beautiful paintings. Located in the pink hall of Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex this is one of the famous galleries of Jammu. Nearly 800 finest paintings are preserved in this place. Other interesting sculptures made up of terracotta are also present inside this art gallery.

Tourism in Khour

Once you visit Jammu then paying a visit to this art museum will be a good idea.

Hotels and Restaurants in Khour

Khour is a small place and hence there are limited food joints in Khour. You will mainly find home stays in this place where you can stay with a family residing there. But apart from these there are very few hotels located in Khour. Some of the hotels located in Khour are mentioned here. Amit Hotel, Jahangir Hotel, Hotel Bluestar are some of the hotels that are present in Khour.

How to Reach Khour

If you are traveling by air then the nearest airport is Satwari Airport which is about 10 km away from Khour. The nearby railway stations that connect Khour with different other parts are Bari Brahman which is at a distance of 12 km and Jammu Tawi which is about 15km from Khour.

Fact File of Khour

Best Time To Visit: March to October
Languages Spoken: Urdu
Currency: Rupees
District: Jammu
Total Population (As per 2001 census): 6,142
Literacy Rate: 70%

These are some of the important and valuable points that you should know if you are visiting Khour. If you are planning to visit Jammu & Kashmir then you must take a visit to this small yet beautiful place. Visiting Khour can be a good option once you visit Jammu Kashmir. We hope this article will help you.

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